Teaching Resources


Part of the joy of being a scientist is getting to excitedly tell people all about science. In my case, that sometimes includes singing and making movies about science.

To make use of these impulses, I founded an educational animation squad (Ecomotion studios) and have worked with other educators to make free teaching resources for curious people of all ages. Here are some of the products of those collaborations:

The Oak: Hidden connections in a changing world (2018)

A collaborative project with the Tack Lab at Stockholm University, Sweden introducing the charming characters that live in and around oak trees across Europe. Interactions in these communities are changing as a warmer climate disrupts seasonal cycles across the community, but not always in the same way. 


Also available in Swedish and French

Director: Monique Boileau

Life of every color and kind (2015)

This love letter to the rocky intertidal is an introduction to the most famous paper by one of our most distinguished Marine Ecologists, Bob Paine. 

Director: Kelley Cunningham
Animation: Kelley Cunningham and Will Ryan

Paper: Paine RT. 1966. Food web complexity and species diversity. The American Naturalist. 100: 65-75.

The World is Green (2015)

This meditation on the power of beautiful landscapes is an introduction to one of the most famously inspiring and controversial ecology papers of the 20th century.

Director and Animator: Monique Bolieau
Paper: Hairston NG, Smith FE, Slobodkin LB. 1960. Community structure, population control and competition. American Naturalist 94:421-425

Mangrove Melodies (2015)

This meandering tour through the Mangrove swamps of the Florida Keys is an introduction to the theory of Island Biogeography proposed by ecological giants Robert MacArthur and E. O. Wilson (1963) and tested by Wilson and his then graduate student Dan Simberloff (1969). 

Director and Animator: Lauren Anderson

Paper: Simberloff D. S. & Wilson E. O. 1968. Experimental Zoogeography of Islands: The Colonization of Empty Islands. Ecology. 50: 278-296.

Huffaker's Balancing Act (2015)

This dark circus is an introduction to the world of predator-prey interactions featuring the groundbreaking work of entomologist and ecologist Carl. B Huffaker

Director and Animator: Sarah Jezierny

Paper: Huffaker, C. B. 1958. Experimental Studies on Predation: Dispersion Factors and Predator-Prey Oscillations. Hilgardia. 27: 343-383.

Drift  (2014)

DRIFT won first place at the the 4th annual Evolution Society Film Festival in June 2014. It was a collaborative project by art students Lauren Anderson, Monique Bolieau, Sarah Jezierny, and Julia Kunberger and biologist Will Ryan