Published & in Press

(1) Krueger-Hadfield SA and Ryan WH. Influence of exogenous nutrients on ploidy-specific performance in an invasive, haplodiplontic red macroalga. 2020. In press at Journal of Phycology

(2) Olsen K, Ryan WH, Winn AA, Kosman ET, Moscoso JA, Krueger-Hadfield SA, Burgess SC, Carlon D, Grosberg RK, Kalisz S, and Levitan DR. 2020. Inbreeding shapes the evolution of marine invertebrate mating systems. Evolution 74(5): 871 - 882 (PDF)

(3) Bedgood SA, Bracken MES, Ryan WH, Levell ST , Wulff JL. 2020. Environmental drivers of adult locomotion and reproduction in a symbiont-hosting sea anemone. Marine Biology 161:39 (PDF)

(4) Ryan WH, L Adams, G Bonthond, N Mieszkowska, KE Pack, and SA Krueger-Hadfield. 2019. Environmental regulation of individual body size contributes to geographic variation in clonal life cycle expression. Marine Biology 166: 157 - 173 (PDF)

(5) Ryan WH, S Heiser*, MD Curtis*, CD Amsler, T Bayer, G Bonthond*, G Wang, F Weinberger, and SA Krueger-Hadfield. 2019. A method for using photographic color information as a proxy for pigment composition in macroalgae. Cryptogamie Algologie 40 (7): 73 - 83 (PDF)

(6) Ryan WH and TE Miller. 2019. Geographic patterns of size, density, and gametogenesis in a clonal sea anemone across the Atlantic coast of North America. Marine Ecological Progress Series 611: 129-141 (Email for PDF)

(7) Krueger-Hadfield SA, Stephens TA, Ryan WH, and Heiser S. 2018. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s an estuary invaded by the red seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla. Bioinvasion Records. 7 (4): 343 – 355 (PDF)

(8) Ryan WH. 2018. Seasonal patterns and geographic variation in temperature dependent fission rate plasticity in a clonal sea anemone. The American Naturalist 192: 210 - 219 (PDF(Appendix)

(9) Burgess S, Ryan W, Blackstone N, Edmunds P, Hoogenboom M, Levitan D and Wulff J. 2017. What can modular marine invertebrates tell us about variation in metabolic scaling? Invertebrate Biology 136: 456 - 472 (PDF)

(10) Ryan WH, Gornish ES, Christenson L, Halpern S, Henderson S, Lebuhn G and Miller TE. 2017. Initiating and managing long-term data with amateure scientists. The American Biology Teacher 79(1): 30-36 (PDF)

(11) Scholl JP, WH Ryan and J Mutz. 2016. Animating the primary literature for students and other curious people. The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 97(2): 192-199 (PDF)

(12) Ryan WH and Kubota S. 2016. Morphotype distribution of the sea anemone Diadumene lineata in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama: a comparison with Uchida (1936) after 80 years. Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory 44: 1-6 (PDF)

(13) Pastore AI, Prather CM, Gornish ES, Ryan WH, Ellis RD and Miller, TE. 2014. Testing the competition-colonization trade-off with a 32 year study of saxicolous lichen community.  Ecology 95:  306-15 (PDF)

Informal science writing

Ryan WH. 2020. Integrating patterns of growth, sex, and clonal reproduction over time and space. RCN for Evolution in Changing Seas Blog.

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